Cowboys & Rustlers Announced

Games Operators announces Cowboys & Rustlers, a top-down wild west adventure that's a spinoff of Rustler (Grand Theft Horse). This has a Steam Listing, but carries no release date at this point. Like Rustler, this does not take itself very seriously. This is shown in the Announcement Trailer and the announcement:
Become the most joyful cowboy that Wild West has ever seen. Use lasso, revolvers, dynamite, and emotional intelligence as universal tools of communication. Explore the magic of a top-down action video game while crossing the prairies in search of the sense of spittoons (and life).

Your adventure will not be a lonely one. Theodore is your companion, who will have a lot to say about your actions and will be your best friend in the west. He is using your journey to write his own revolutionary science-fiction novel. Together you’ll rob banks and roller-coasters and summon ghosts at cemeteries. Did we mention that he is also a talking horse?