Big Ambitions Sells Big

In another successful launch, Hovgaard Games announces Big Ambitions is fulfilling its big ambitions. We're told the business simulation sold more than 150,000 copies in the two weeks following its release into Early Access on Steam. Here's word:
With over 3,000 Very Positive reviews on Steam (96%), a top 5 place on Steam’s sales chart, a top 10 placement for global sales, and a peak of 11,000 Concurrent Players, Big Ambitions has made its mark. Combined with daily sales of 5,000 units (that shows no signs of slowing down) the 4-person development studio now has the financial freedom to realise their vision.

“We always knew we had a great game, but we never expected a result like this, considering the game is only just entering Early Access. We're very grateful and proud to be able to entertain so many people around the world. This is only the beginning.” - Jonas Hovgaard, CEO and Founder