Metal: Hellsinger - Dream of the Beast Released

Dream of the Beast is now available for Windows on Steam and for consoles, unleashing the first DLC for Metal: Hellsinger, the rhythm first-person shooter set in hell, where the sound system is always turned up to 11. The DLC includes new songs, and an update to the base game adds a new song selector feature. Check out the release trailer to see if you are metal enough to handle this. Here's more:
In Metal: Hellsinger, you ride through the Hells on bullets and vengeance to take back your voice from the devil herself. Blast hordes of demons as you shoot, dash, and perform takedowns to the beat of a critically acclaimed original soundtrack.

With today’s DLC and the new free Song Selector feature, you can choose any song (new ones included) you want to play on each level. Since gameplay and music are two horns on the same hand, this adds a whole new variety to Metal: Hellsinger.

Dream of the Beast further expands your arsenal by adding a new impossible weapon and three powerful outfits with special modifiers, including shields, healing, or more max ammo. Feel the beat thrum in your hands with the new four-barrel machine gun, an amalgam of both heaven and hell. Use it to dispatch demons in a new variable burst pattern.