Out of the Blue

I got my first voicemail on my new Galaxy phone yesterday. Thankfully it was a butt-dial from my brother, because it took me a while to listen to it. When I tried, I was told the visual voicemail app requires precise location permissions. I never saw this before, so I guess it was enabled on my old phone? I don't get myself too worked up about every corporation in the world wanting to know what uninteresting things I'm up to, but this seems particularly egregious. I haven't seen an explanation of why Verizon or Google would need my location to play back my own voicemails for me (I doubt there's an acceptable one). But I haven't seen a workaround either. I was able to access the voicemail by dialing in (after resetting a password I hadn't used in ages). But that was a nightmare. I had listen to about a minute of robot voice prompts telling me about my message, and then I had to listen to all three minutes of rustling and background noise before I could delete it since I didn't remember the shortcut. I'll try and hold out trading privacy for convenience in this case, which I may be able to do since I don't get a lot of voice messages. But I also wonder why I bother. I'm sure they've got the full book on me already.

Voicemail Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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