E3 2023 in Doubt: Rumors

Following news that Ubisoft is not officially attending this year's E3 in favor of an E3-adjacent showing, IGN reports Tencent and Sega will be E3 2023 noshows as well. Following its previous reporting that all three consoles are skipping the show, IGN says rumors are starting to swirl that the show is in trouble, and may not come off at all:
IGN reporters have spoken with numerous individuals in publishing and PR who typically have knowledge of event strategies, all of whom expressed concern about the status of this summer’s event. Many told us that they hadn’t heard of anyone else who was planning to attend for sure, and some said they felt there had been a significant lack of communication from the ESA and organizer ReedPop as to what exactly they should expect from the show. Several described the situation as one where everyone was waiting for someone else to be the first to jump, but no one was willing to take the leap – and time was running out.

As one knowledgeable source put it ahead of the Monday news of Ubisoft’s departure from the show, “There’s no possible way this show can happen.”

Neither ESA nor ReedPop responded to IGN's request for comment in time for publication.