February's Top New Games on Steam

A post on Steam details the top new releases for February 2023 on Valve's online store. This breaks down the bestselling new premium games as well as the top performing free-to-play titles. The related blog post discusses the results, singling out the remarkable performance of Hogwarts Legacy:
Extraordinary Wizarding
2023 is just getting warmed up, but it’s safe to say that one of the top releases of the year has already cast its spell. The excited anticipation for Hogwarts Legacy was enormous, yet its February debut drew acclaim from players all while exceeding the hype. It wouldn’t be fair to simply call Hogwarts Legacy a Top Release of February, as it soared to well beyond 850,000 peak concurrent wizards shortly after launching. That peak is the largest for any new release over the past year, along with making Hogwarts Legacy the most-played Top Release of 2023 so far.

Take a Turn
With a significant portion of February’s Top Releases combining strategy with turn-based gameplay, it’s clear that players value the freedom to deploy unique tactics at their own pace. For a lot of players, this harkens back to classic board gaming and tabletop sessions, where planning and decision-making skills were honed. The good news with these Top Releases is that no one is going to yell at you for taking too long! From fine-tuning the perfect combat mech in Phantom Brigade, weaving together brilliant stories in OCTOPATH TRAVELER II, or leading a supernatural expedition in Limbus Company, it's exciting to see players immersed in the strategy of these turn-based Top Releases.