Saints Row 2023 Roadmap

A new Saints Row 2023 Roadmap lays out the immediate future for the recently released Saints Row reboot. This includes three expansions, free content, and several quality of life updates. The first releases on the schedule will be in May, and word is we should expect more details in the coming weeks. Here's an overview:
We’re super excited to be able to share an update on what we’ve been working on since you last heard from us. But first, a big THANK YOU to everyone for reaching out on our social channels, we really appreciate all your feedback since launch and we have tried to incorporate what we can into our future Quality of Life updates – which we’re incredibly excited for you to get your hands on!

As you know, we’ve been focusing on fixes and quality of life improvements ahead of releasing our new content. Our last update was a whopper worthy of FBs and we’re ready to deliver you an even bigger meal in our next big update in May. So, what have we been up to since then? Well, we’ve been working hard on brand new Saints Row content and we’re now ready to share what’s planned for the future. Let’s head into our DLC Roadmap.