The Great War: Western Front Early Access

The Great War: Western Front is now available for pre-purchase on Steam in advance of its launch in three days. But since pre-purchases of Petroglyph's World War I RTS game come with three days of Early Access, the game is basically available now, despite any indication to the contrary. This post has details on the launch, system requirements, and more. Here's the Official Pre-Order Trailer with a look, and here's what to expect when you get into the trenches:
The Great War: Western Front offers players the opportunity to relive or redefine history in one of history’s most pivotal conflicts, taking command of either the Allied Forces or the Central Powers. Taking total control of the Western Front as both Theatre Commander and Field Commander, players will be required to make difficult decisions in both turn-based grand strategy and RTS gameplay to preserve their faction’s National Will across an immersive campaign which spans the duration of the war, and can be extended beyond 1918 based on their actions. Players can choose to start at the outbreak of the conflict in 1914, or in 1916, assuming leadership at a pivotal point where public support is fading and both sides turn to new technologies such as aviation and tanks in an effort to break the stalemate.