Satisfactory Getting Unreal Engine 5

A new video from Coffee Stain Studios holds the announcement that Satisfactory is getting an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 (thanks Anders). The factory simulation is currently in Early Access on Steam. And while a prerelease engine switch can often derail a project for years, word is the new engine will be introduced in the game's upcoming Update 8. This will launch first in the game's Experimental branch, and it is warned that to start it will be "really, really experimental" and that this will involve growing pains. It is not specified when this will launch, but the video makes it sound imminent, going so far as to warn users to back up their saves. The lengthy video digs into the various improvements the new engine will bring, and various ups and downs to expect. Here are the high points from the summary at the end:

  • Growing pains from the launch on experimental are expected. "This also includes dedicated servers."
  • It is believed the game will benefit greatly in the long run.
  • Unreal Engine 5 brings a "slew" of new features.
  • The Experimental launch will include "similar or worse performance" for some. But it will improve over time.
  • Mods "will for sure break." It will be up to the modding community to work though these problems.