Go-Go Town Announced

Australian developer Prideful Sloth announces Go-Go Town, a city-management game coming to PC and consoles next year. The Announce Trailer sets the story with some cinematics and offers a first look at gameplay. This does not seem like a hardcore politics simulator, as the premise is not based on how cities actually work. Here's word on how you get hired to be mayor by some shadowy corporation:
Dumped into a rundown town, you discover that you’ve been conned into this role by the greedy TownCo corporation, and that their town restoration project is a giant scam. However, with careful planning and a lot of gumption, you have a chance to restore the town to its former glory, and maybe even free the town from the clutches of TownCo in the process!

Who said being Mayor was going to be easy?! Get those hands dirty; terraform the land, play with power tools, construct fresh roads and shiny new shops, attract tourists, and juggle any unexpected challenges and disasters… Every decision and action made shapes the future of your town.

But even the busiest of bees need a chance to relax! Hop in your car and head into town where you can get to know the eclectic townsfolk, dance like no one’s watching, beat your high score at the arcade, indulge in a cheeky hotdog, pop a wheelie while riding your bike around, or even high-five a cow (if that's your thing).