Out of the Blue

Well, I finally gave up on trying to find my unicorn electric kettle. I settled for one that had the proper capacity, lack of plastic, and (somewhat of) a gooseneck. It doesn't have any temperature settings, but it does have a thermometer to try and get things right. That's more fidgety than I'd like, but certainly better than the saucepan system I was using in the interim. The good news, from an odd perspective, is it's a cheap piece of junk. So maybe there will be a better option when it inevitably bites the dust like its predecessors. The best aspect of this whole project is a side-effect. I mentioned recent unclogging a bathroom sink. This has been flowing freely ever since, but there was a bad odor coming from the drain. I'd previously tried pouring mouthwash down there, but pipes can't gargle well, and it didn't seem to help. Since I needed to boil a couple of throwaway batches of water in my new kettle to start with, I poured one of these down the bathroom sink. Bingo! This eliminated the odor right away. The drain is PVC, so I let the water come off the boil first to avoid worrying I'd melt the pipes. Well, I did check them afterwards, so clearly I was still a little worried. But it was fine. I'm sure I'm still going to collect a scolding about this from someone who knows more about plumbing than me (which is basically everyone). But at this point it's water under the bridge, or at least down the drain. In the end, I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of my little project. It's hard to feel clean when you're getting a face full of sink stink.

Unscented Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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