Boundary Early Access Next Month

Studio Surgical Scalpels and Skystone Games announce Boundary will enter Early Access on April 13th on Steam, offering a multiplayer shooter set in space, where no one can hear you complain about lag. This is a long-time coming, as at one point this was supposed to arrive in 2020. There's no new video for this, but there is a new graphic showing three different Early Access versions to reflect your degree of support. These will range from USD$24.99 to $44.99, and more details are promised soon. Here's word:
Announced just now during the PAX East Digitial Showcase, Boundary revealed the prices of its 3 tiers of game packages for Early Access on April 13th.

“We’re thrilled to announce to our fans who have been waiting so long, that Boundary is finally ready to be played by you all this April,” said Frank Mingbo Li, Director of Studio at Surgical Scalpels. “We cannot wait for everyone to see just what we’ve been working on these last few years.”

With nearly 500,000 wishlists on Steam, Boundary is a next-generation high-quality competitive FPS that takes place in zero-gravity in the vacuum of space. In Boundary, players team up to take down opposing forces in captivating wide-open outer space arenas. Powered by an EMU suit, players navigate a harsh space atmosphere in orbiting installations where the goal is to engage enemy combatants in a 3-dimensional battlefield. Threats come from all angles and Boundary makes astronautical combat more akin to dogfighting where the angle of attack and position can make the difference between life and death.