Atari Acquiring Nightdive

Atari enters into an agreement to acquire Night Dive, announcing it will be the new owner of the studio that's actually named (one word) Nightdive Studios (thanks Frans). Nightdive has famously created updated versions of classic games, and is currently putting the finishing touches on a highly anticipated remake of System Shock that's expected in May. The deal is expected to be completed next month. Here's word on the terms: "The purchase price of Night Dive will consist of (i) an initial consideration of US$10 million payable half in cash and half in Atari shares at the closing of the acquisition (see below) plus (ii) an earn-out of up to US$10 million, payable in cash over the next three years based on the future performance of Night Dive." Here's more:
Led by industry veterans Stephen Kick and Larry Kuperman, Night Dive is a full service development and publishing company with expertise in restoring, optimizing, and publishing classic video games. Night Dive has published over 100 titles and has garnered critical acclaim for their releases of seminal industry and fan-favorite titles including System Shock, Doom 64, and Quake.

Night Dive’s most recent project is a remastered version of classic FPS game System Shock, which is one of the most-anticipated retro releases of 2023. System Shock is now available for pre-order on Steam, GOG and Epic Games.

A key to the success of Night Dive is their proprietary KEX engine that makes classic games playable on modern hardware and gives the studio the ability to enhance and improve upon the original to meet the expectations of contemporary players. The studio’s reputation and deep industry knowledge have made them a go-to partner for some of the largest names in gaming and media and allowed them to develop a diversified portfolio of titles.