Out of the Blue

Happy March 23, 2023, a delightfully palindromic number in U.S. format, where it is written 3/23/23. And although this M/D/Y format is uncommon in the rest of the world, we're in luck. The European Y/M/D notation for today is 23/3/23, which is also a palindrome. At least if you count the slashes, which we're allowed to do, since we're making up the rules here. There's a third way to skin this cat, as the British English way to express today's date is also 23/3/23. This reads the same as the European style, even though it uses its own D/M/Y date format. If it's too late to arrange any big parties for the occasion, there's plenty of advance warning to prepare for next year's April 24th festivities.

Palindromic Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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