Unreal Editor For Fortnite and Creator Economy 2.0 Launch

A blog post from Epic announces the first beta of the promised Unreal Editor For Fortnite is now available for free on the Epic Games Store (Fortnite, which is also free, is required). The post also explains this marks the launch of Creator Economy 2.0, a way for Fortnite content creators to share in the revenue generated by their creations. Here's a new trailer with a look at how this will allow you to exercise your creativity in the battle royale/survival shooter. Here's more:
Engagement payouts proportionally distribute 40% of the net revenue from Fortnite’s Item Shop and most real-money Fortnite purchases to all island publishers on a monthly basis. Payouts are based on what players enjoy in Fortnite and account for things like island popularity, engagement, and attracting new players.

Engagement payout funds are separate from Support-A-Creator, and are designed to reward island creators who publish content in Fortnite. We’ve removed the Support-A-Creator device from the game entirely, which means creators can focus on developing fun and engaging experiences without asking you to use their Creator Code. Every time you play your favorite island or game in Fortnite, you are supporting its creator monetarily, no code required!

To learn more about Creator Economy 2.0 and engagement payouts, or to join the Island Creator program, please visit the Creator Portal.