Counter-Strike 2 Announced

Valve announces Counter-Strike 2, officially taking the lid off of what has become a poorly-kept secret of late, though all the leaks may have just been viral marketing. This new era for the multiplayer first-person shooter will officially begin this summer, but limited playtesting is underway right now. Check out this FAQ for details on how to join the test. Key takeaways are that the game is being remade using the Source 2 engine, and players will retain all the items they've earned playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The new version will also include new features, which will be announced closer to the launch. But the Counter-Strike Website has first details and videos showing off some of what's new. Here's a summary:
CS2 is a free upgrade to CS:GO, marking the start a new era of Counter-Strike on Valve's Source 2 engine. The game's full range of new features will be announced at launch, but during the limited testing period we'll be evaluating a subset of those features to get it ready for the worldwide release.

Here's some of what CS2 will mean for players:

  • Upgraded and overhauled maps
  • Game-changing dynamic smoke grenades
  • Tick-rate-independent gameplay
  • Redesigned visual effects and audio
  • All of a player's CS:GO items go with them to CS2