Redfall Online Requirement May Be Removed

Developer Arkane says "we listen" in response to complaints following the recent reveleation that Redfall will require an online connection, even for the single-player campaign. Game director Harvey Smith discusses the controversy with Eurogamer, saying he's "not supposed to promise anything," but that the company is "looking into" the online requirement, and is "working actively toward fixing that in the future." The conversation addresses accusations that this was to sell more stuff, but Harvey says the game will have no store and no microtransactions. He explains the online requirement is intended to collect metrics on the player experience:
So why be online if you're not with other people? Smith said the game was designed that way to better help Arkane understand how people were playing it, and when they got into difficulty.

"It allows us to do some accessibility stuff," Smith said. "It allows us for telemetry, like - if everybody's falling off ladders and dying, holy shit that shows up. And so we can go and tweak the ladder code. There are reasons we set out to do that that are not insidious."