SubwaySim Hamburg in May

Publisher Aerosoft and developer HR Innoways announce SubwaySim Hamburg, a subway simulation that will arrive on PC on May 16th. Here's the Steam Listing. This does not lend itself to open-world gameplay, but word is it will allow you to go slightly off-track: "Additionally, players will be able to explore their surroundings off the train in freeplay mode, where they’ll be able to walk around the map at each station." Here's an English-language trailer with the latest look. If this all sounds a little quotidian, this excerpt is not going to alter your opinion:
SubwaySim Hamburg also features a timetable mode, which lets players realistically relive the everyday life of a subway conductor. With numerous functions to discover in the highly detailed conductor’s cab, every journey will have its own lessons and surprises, and when the train reaches its last stop, the excitement continues!