Hearthstone: Festival of Legends Next Month

Blizzard announces Festival of Legends, a new expansion for Hearthstone coming on April 10th to the collectible card game. This is centered around E.T.C., as the Elite Tauran Cow is preparing "to put on the biggest music festival in history." Such hype has historically led to disasters in real life, but a video game music festival is not as prone to problems. Just don't take the brown acid. Here's a Cinematic Trailer and here's more:
E.T.C. is gathering the greatest musicians from all over Azeroth to put on the biggest music festival in history. From rock to hip-hop, and from metal to pop, every class is putting on a show. Start tuning your instruments and working on your harmonies, the next act is the Festival of Legends!

Festival of Legends will launch worldwide this April, with 145 new cards! You can find the full Festival of Legends reveal schedule, and all cards that have already been revealed, by visiting the official Card Library. Check back frequently so you don’t miss a beat—the page will be updated with new cards as they’re revealed!