Surviving the Aftermath - Rebirth

Surviving the Aftermath - Rebirth is now available on Steam and consoles, adding DLC with more of the aftermath of Surviving the Aftermath, the apocalyptic colony-builder for Windows. A new developer diary digs deep into all that went into this and all that it brings to the game. This includes terraforming and a fungal infection that might spell the last of us. The Release Trailer takes a look. Here's more:
For the longest time, you strived to survive the aftermath on planet Earth. Now, thanks to your knowledge, skills, and leadership, you can finally look forward to a new chapter for humankind. “Rebirth” is your mantra, your goal, the dream that will make you overcome old and new challenges, for your survivors and all humanity.

After decades of exposure to radioactive pollution, a new infestation called Blight has emerged. Mutated fungi have started to infect the animals, causing them to become aggressive and dangerous. This infection has spread through the wasteland and is threatening to take over. You will need to find a cure for the Blight to defend against it. Gather Blight samples, study them in a new research building and make discoveries to unlock new buildings, resources, and upgrades.