Out of the Blue

It's been a while, so I was overdue for a coffee making problem. My electric kettle has gone tango uniform this week. So I've been heating water on the stove like it's the 20th century while trying to decide if I'll get a new one, or just get an old-fashioned teakettle and call it a day. There are so many of these for sale, and so many of them seem like junk. But worse, they share characteristics that make it hard to find one that suits me. I want one with no plastic, a water capacity of at least 1.5 liters, multiple temperature options, and a gooseneck. It's like the old saying about being able to pick two choices between fast, cheap, and good. I can find plenty of larger units with no goosenecks and plenty of gooseneck units with no plastic, even larger ones. But finding the goldilocks model that combine all four of those features has proven difficult in the past (the one that just died has a regular pour spout). If I'm getting a unit that's just going to go straight to 212° and let it cool off, I may as well just get a teakettle and do the same thing. This is the kind of situation that leads to Kickstarters. Remember this moment when I appear on Shark Tank.

Boiling Round-up
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