Epic Games Store Launches Self-Publishing

Epic Games announces the official launch of tools to allow game developers to self-publish on the Epic Games Store. This includes Epic's 88/12% revenue split and options to collect 100% of in-game purchases. There's a note in the announcement making it clear this is an effort at making further inroads against rival Steam: "The store is open to all developers and publishers whose titles meet the Epic Games Store requirements. These requirements are designed to provide a best-in-class player experience that doesn’t lock players into a single store." To that point, one requirement is indeed crossplay support across all PC stores. Here's the pitch:
Why bring your games to the Epic Games Store?

  • Access an audience of over 230 million users from all over the world. See additional stats in our 2022 Year in Review blog here.
  • Publishers receive 88% of the revenue for the games sold through Epic Games Store with an option to use your own or a 3rd-party payment solution to receive 100% of the revenue from in-app purchases.
  • Our Developer Portal has an integrated process for obtaining IARC ratings (required in some countries and very useful in others) at no cost to you.
  • Epic provides professional localization for your game pages at no additional cost. Request this service through a Developer Portal support ticket.
  • The Support-A-Creator affiliate program allows you to incentivize content creators and amplify your game outside of the store by sharing a percentage of your revenue with them.
  • For games built on Unreal Engine, engine royalty fees are waived for in-store purchases using Epic’s payment processor. In-app purchases and products using their own payment processor are not exempt from engine royalties.