Epic Games Store 2022 Giveaways Totaled Over $2200

The above news comes alongside a Year in Review article recapping how 2022 went on the Epic Games Store. This includes some metrics, saying the store now boasts more than 230 million users. This total is fuelled in part by Epic's relentless weekly (and more) game giveaways, and Epic announces these will continue throughout this year: "Last, but not least, we’re also excited to confirm that our weekly Free Games Program will continue in 2023!" Word is last year's giveaways added up to well over $2000 per user:
Publishers and developers brought 626 new PC titles to the store in 2022, bringing our total count up to 1,548. That’s more than any previous year and represents a significant increase over games we had available to players in 2021. Players spent $355M on 3rd Party applications, up 18% year over year. Including Epic’s own games, players spent $820M in 2022, down 2% from 2021.

The Epic Games Store Free Games program had another strong year in 2022. Many developers and publishers partnered with us to bring our users 99 free games worth $2,240 USD. Of those, 70 of the games offered in our free games program broke their peak concurrent user records on PC, with an average increase of 25 times their all-time records! This year nearly 700 million free games in total were claimed by players, bringing those titles to new and expanded audiences.