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John C on Strafe-Jumping

John Carmack's .plan has another update on the subject of strafe-jumping, after mentioning he was eliminating the ability to hop so rapidly in his worklog, posted earlier. Here's the update, which says that he's reconsidering the jumping changes, and also includes an outline of Quake III Arena's current weapon effects:

Whee! Lots of hate mail from strafe-jupers!

Some reasonable messages have convinced me that a single immediate jump after landing may be important to gameplay. I'll experiment with it.

Strafe jumping is an exploitable bug. Just because people have practiced hard to allow themselves to take advantage of it does not justify it's existance. When I tried fixing the code so that it just didn't work, I thought it changed the normal running movement in an unfortunate way.

In the absense of powerups or level features (wind tunnels, jump pads, etc), the game characters are supposed to be badasses with big guns. Arnold Schwartzenegger and Sigourney Weaver don't get down a hallway by hopping like a bunny rabbit.

This is personal preference, but when I play online, I enjoy it more when people are running around dodging, rather than hopping.

My personal preference just counts a lot. :-)

btw, here are the current weapon effects:

gauntlet: 50 pts, 400 msec / punch
machinegun: 10 pts, 100 msec / shot
shotgun: 11 pellets of 10 each, 1000 msec / shot
rocket launcher: 100 pts direct hit, or 100 pts splash damage falling off
over 120 world units, 800 msec / shot
plasma gun: 20 pts direct hit or 15 pts splash damage over 15 units,
100 msec / shot
railgun: 100 pts, 1500 msec / shot
lightning gun: 8 pts, 33 msec / trace, max range 768 units
grenade launcher: 100 pts direct hit, or 100 pts splash over 150 units,
800 msec / shot.
bfg: 40 pts instant splash damage over 100 units, 100 msec / shot
flamethrower: to be determined, but short range / wide angle

Splash damage is calculated from the edge of the player's box, unlike
quake1, where it was calculated froom the player's origin.

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