Bandai Namco Entertainment busts out its busted caps lock and announces WE LOVE KATAMARI REROLL+ ROYALE REVERIE, a remastered KATAMARI DAMACY game coming to PC and consoles on June 2nd. An Announcement Trailer takes a look at how this differs from the original action/adventure, which rolled out on PlayStation 2 in 2005. Here's word:
WE LOVE KATAMARI REROLL+ ROYAL REVERIE brings the offbeat and inventive KATAMARI DAMACY franchise back to current and new-gen platforms, where players can experience a faithful yet updated version of the original game. The new title will add quality-of-life enhancements and new modes such as Selfie Mode and Eternal Mode, which introduces casual play with no time limits. In addition, five new challenges themed around the story of the young King of All Cosmos have been added to the remaster, along with all new collectibles to roll up.

"With whimsical and still novel gameplay, a memorable soundtrack, and an unforgettable cast of characters, WE LOVE KATAMARI REROLL+ ROYAL REVERIE rolls up everything that made the series one of the most beloved into a new experience that newcomers and long-time fans can appreciate,” said Carolyn Chang, Associate Brand Manager for Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. “We’re thrilled to bring back this broadly acclaimed series and introduce a new generation of gamers to the inventive gameplay and engaging game world of KATAMARI DAMACY.”