Scorchlands Early Access

Early Access to Scorchlands is now underway on* and Steam, offering the first chance to play this city building game for Windows and Linux where the goal is to colonize the moon. Or a moon, at least. This sciencey ambition is juxtaposed with fantasy, as the moon is called Helia, and magic is part of the process for the "birdfolk of Giwi." Check out the Launch Trailer for a look at some gameplay. There's also a playable demo you can take for a spin. Here's more:
The volcanic satellite, Helia, is filled with resources, so the daring explorers will not only discover new magical technologies but also harvest riches and establish colonies. Great discoveries aren’t easy to come by - the moon’s surface is full of dangerous creatures waiting to fight for their habitat. The Giwi will have to use magic not only to fend off any predators, but also to sustain their economy with arcane lasers allowing them to handle resource logistics by connecting all colonies into an industrial web.
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