Broken Universe - Tower Defense Breaks Out

Speaking of tower defense, Broken Universe - Tower Defense is now officially available on Steam, as Early Access has concluded for this Windows game that wears its genre on its sleeve (thanks JDreyer). The Official Release Announcement has detailed version 1.0 patch notes. Highlights of what's new include new chapters, an expanded Armory, new buildings and fusion towers, new skills, new skins, and more. Three-person developer Jinthree Studio expresses gratitude for the support they've received along the way, promising to "continue to do our best to make more fun games." The Official Release Trailer shows a madcap mix of invaders ranging from UFOs to whales. Here's more:
Try lots of different strategies, from blocking all paths and hiding safely behind your walls, to guiding monsters down a long line of fire. Use the unique towers and barriers to come up with your own original style of play. Try blasting monsters so hard they can't approach, mixing monsters up until they can't function properly, or focusing on defense and recovery to build an impenetrable fortress. You can even try backing a bunch of monsters into a corner and wiping them all out at once, or lining them up and taking them out one-by-one.