Out of the Blue

Well, speaking (twice) of the winter weather, holy crap is it cold here. The season has been manageable in these parts so far, but damn! Last night it dropped to -7°F. So basically zero Fs given. And the main advance warning was of the potentially deadly wind chill, so who knows how cold it was with that taken into account. This flash froze the pond, and basically flash froze us too. I hope all the critters are safe, and of course the people as well. But seeing this report makes it sound like we should have been outside enjoying the balmy weather. That's because it notes that last night the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire it was -46°F with gusts up to 127 mph, setting a likely new national record for lowest wind chill temperature of minus 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The good news is we seem to past the worst of it, and the forecast calls for normal deadly winter weather going forward, rather than this extra deadly variety.

Obituary: "Police Academy" Star Robertson Has Died.

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