Akka Arrh This Month

Atari announces February 21st as the official release date for Akka Arrh, a new wave shooter designed by Llamasoft founder Jeff Minter. The takes place within an arcade machine, and as seen in the Announcement Trailer, things get pretty psychedelic. The project has an interesting history, as it's based on a 1980s prototype for an unreleased game, and there are some questions about how this "lost" Atari ROM was recovered. Here's a bit on the game:
A rhythmically flowing arcade shooter experience and psychedelic visual explosion of color, Akka Arrh captures all of the fun of the golden age of gaming and delivers it in an updated, modernized package with vibrant, dreamlike visuals. Tinged with Minter’s sense of humor and prolific graphic style, Akka Arrh is the visionary showcase of his love of hypnotic color and light, combined with his ability to create pure arcade bliss. Players will blast through swaths of enemy waves while manning the titular Akka Arrh, a supped-up cannon just begging to be unleashed.