Tim Schafer Going Into the AIAS Hall of Fame

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences announces that Double Fine's Tim Schafer is this year's inductee into the AIAS Hall of Fame. He will be honored on February 24th at the 26th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas. Tim wouldn't be getting this honor if he needed an introduction, but for the record, here's a bit on how we got here:
Schafer - a former computer-science major from UC Berkeley - started his career in the electronic entertainment industry at Lucasfilm Games, where he worked as an assistant designer to Ron Gilbert on the Secret of Monkey Island franchise.

Later, alongside fellow game designer Dave Grossman, Schafer would go on to co-direct the sequel to Gilbert’s critically acclaimed Maniac Mansion game, entitled Day of the Tentacle. This classic, point-and-click, time travel adventure game marked the start of Schafer’s illustrious career as a game director, with other notable and award-winning titles such as Grim Fandango and Full Throttle coming from under his direction during his tenure at Lucasfilm Games.

Best known for memorable, comedic storytelling with heart, Schafer has gone on to direct and produce several other critically acclaimed games including Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and Broken Age under the umbrella of his own games company - Double Fine Productions.

Prior to becoming an AIAS Hall of Fame inductee, Schafer was bestowed with both a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Game Developers Choice Awards, the Andrew Yoon Legend Award from the New York Video Game Critics Circle, as well as a BAFTA Fellowship stemming from his many contributions to the electronic entertainment industry.