Way of the Hunter Aurora Shores Announced

THQ Nordic announces Aurora Shores, new DLC for Way of the Hunter that will take the hunt to the challenging environments of Alaska. This is coming "soon" to the PC and console editions of the game, and it will be accompanied by a patch for all players which will add a crossbow to everyone's arsenal. There's also a reminder that a free UTV DLC was added to the game a couple of weeks ago. You can find the PC edition on Steam. Here's the Aurora Shores DLC Announcement Trailer, and here's more:
As a newly graduated Wildlife Trooper, your mission is to preserve the region's natural resources. Immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness and encounter 14 different species, from Kodiak Bears to Roosevelt Elks and beyond. As a trooper, it's up to you to manage the delicate ecosystem by controlling the population of certain species for the benefit of others. Discover the diverse beauty and open-world habitats of Aurora Shores, from verdant grasslands to soaring mountaintops and lush rainforests. Despite the harsh Alaskan winter, the region boasts breathtaking landscapes year-round. Explore the Nianuk Rise peaks and the sprawling Aivuk Rainforest, and be captivated by the idyllic charm of this unique wilderness.