Overwatch 2 Anti-Cheat Efforts Take on Boosting

The Overwatch Website has the latest on Blizzard's efforts at making Overwatch 2 a better place with its Defense Matrix Initiative. This includes details on disruptive voice chat detection, custom game moderation, streamer protection, and further measures being taken to thwart cheaters. This includes the acknowledgement that boosting is a form of cheating, and action is being taken to punish players who ride along on cheaters' coattails:
We acknowledge that cheating continues to be a major concern for many of our high-ranked players. So far, we have actioned over 50,000 accounts that we found to be cheating since the launch of Overwatch 2. Along with taking action against cheaters, we want to discourage any incentive to take advantage of cheating, including grouping up with anyone who uses cheats and hacks. Starting in season 3, we’ll be identifying players who willingly group up regularly with those flagged for cheating, and they will also face account action, even if they are not using cheats themselves.

Players who knowingly group up with cheaters are looking to take the same advantage as those who use cheats themselves, including boosting their accounts to skill levels they would not normally belong in with their own skill. Doing so creates unfair and imbalanced matches for many in our community and does not live up to our core value of Play Nice, Play Fair. While those who directly cheat are often permanently banned immediately, we will be issuing severe suspensions for extended amounts of time, and in extreme cases, outright bans, to those grouping up with known cheaters.