Final Factory Playtesting

Never Games Limited announce Final Factory, a sci-fi factory simulation coming to Steam later this year. This is a new entry in an increasingly crowded subgenre, so we doubt the final part is accurate. The chance to try this out is already upon us already, as signing up for the game's Discord includes the opportunity to get "pre-alpha" access. Here's the Announcement Trailer with a look, and here's a Reddit post by the game's solo developer, who is now working on this full time to complete its five-year journey towards completion. Here's more:
In Final Factory, create a space-faring factory as vast as the cosmos. Design space stations and connect them through careful logistical planning. Use your infrastructure to advance through a sprawling tech tree. Automate the production of a massive fleet of ships that will grant you special abilities and help you defend your base against the local aliens. Explore and expand across space on an infinitely generating map, filled with stars, planets, black holes, the ruins of an ancient civilization, and random item drops that will help your factory.