REKA Announced

Fireshine Games and Emberstorm Entertainment announce REKA, a "living witch cottage" game coming next year. If you like the idea of a mobile home, but are afraid of gas costs, this game where your house walks around on its own chicken legs may be for you. That description draws a pretty vivid image, but the Steam Listing has some screenshots and video to fill in any blanks. Here's more:
Design and decorate your walking house’s interior with complete creative freedom, taking on quests to unlock new decorative items and make it your own. Form an unbreakable bond with your cottage as you explore new landscapes together, guided by Baba Jaga on your apprenticeship across villages, mystical forests and more.

Master the powers of witchcraft and use the help of your familiars to gather hard-to-reach items, while collecting plants, crafting magical supplies, and discovering mythological creatures.