Pixelshire Demo

A playable Windows demo is now available on Steam for Pixelshire, a sandbox farming simulation inspired by Stardew Valley. Despite the obvious similarities, the demo is accompanied by a trailer called How is Pixelshire different to Stardew Valley- Ep. 1- Terraforming. The demo will allow you to experience the first five days of the game:
Build your perfect town, meet new friends and invite them to stay a while. Gather resources, construct new homes and decorate your world inside and out to reflect your own personal style!

The demo allows players to experience the first 5 days of Pixelshire, giving them a taste of terraforming, building, farming, fishing and much more.

Cute farming? Check! Gorgeous pixel art? Check! Pixelshire might have a lot in common with cult hit Stardew Valley on the surface, but find out more about the many features and abilities that make this a unique town-building experience.