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I'm saddened to read that Hulu has cancelled Reboot. It didn't make full use of its great cast, but this TV show about a TV show was cleverly meta, and was quite fun. But I'd probably watch anything with Rachel Bloom or Judy Greer in it, so maybe I'm not the one to judge. That aside, MrsBlue and I have been very happy with our TV choices lately, not that it's hard to still find top quality shows hidden all over the various networks and streaming services. What's a little different is we're actually current with a couple of these, as we have known to lag behind the curve at times. In this case, we've caught the first couple of episodes of Shrinking, which were certainly interesting. The behind-the-scenes interactions of the three therapists are by far the best part of that, and completely worth the price of admission. But the new show I'm most pleased with is the one that's collected tons of buzz, Poker Face. If there's a TV formula I'll forever have an affection for, it's the genius detective like Columbo, the show that must have inspired this. I'm not sure if it's a direct inspiration, but I laugh at myself for noticing the other formula mirrors The Incredible Hulk, with the drifter protagonist finding a new adventure every week. And even though this uses the crazy trope of someone who's constantly having people mysteriously murdered all around them, I don't care. It's super-fun, well-executed, and makes me very happy.

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