New Warframe Next Month

Digital Extremes unveils Citrine's Last Wish will launch in Warframe next month, bringing a 52nd Warframe to the online action/RPG. Check out the Video Devstream 167 for all the latest on the game, or scan the overview for the big picture. Here's the elevator pitch:
Citrine’s Last Wish will launch in February 2023, bringing the game’s 52nd Warframe to players on all platforms to instantly unlock or earn in-game. Travel to Mars and take on Mirror Defense Missions to reunite star crossed lovers of the Old War. Entrapped in crystals, players must bring together these fated lovers to earn Citrine’s blueprints and components for crafting or instantly unlock her devastating embrace from the in-game Market. Citrine will feature a healthy arsenal of signature Weapons, Accessories, and Abilities, when she launches including Corufell, a new Scythethat can deliver a charged blast to enemies at range , Citrine’s Kalite Helmet and Sugatra, as well as a new devastating Steflos, a short-ranged Primary weapon that becomes more powerful with each enemy hit.