Dead Space Released

EA and internal studio Motive announce the release of Dead Space for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, offering a ground-up remake of the original Dead Space from 2008. This is available for Windows on the Epic Games Store and Steam as a Standard or as a Digital Deluxe edition which includes some additional cosmetics. For those dead set on the ultimate Dead Space experience, there is also a USD$275 Collector's Edition from Limited Run Games with physical rewards including a wearable Isaac Clarke helmet. In addition to updated Frostbite engine graphics, the new version of the sci-fi survival/horror classic boasts enhanced audio and gameplay improvements over the original. The early word on the game is largely positive, as seen in this review roundup from yesterday. Here's the recent Official Launch Trailer and here's more on the game and the remake:
Dead Space puts players in the boots of Isaac Clarke, an everyman engineer on a routine mission to fix the USG Ishimura, a gigantic mining starship. But aboard the Ishimura , a living nightmare awaits. The ship’s crew has been slaughtered and Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole, is missing somewhere on board. Alone and trapped with only his engineering tools and skills, Isaac faces a battle for survival — not only against terrifying monsters called Necromorphs, but his own crumbling sanity.

“When Dead Space launched in 2008, it immediately became a survival horror classic with its iconic sci-fi atmosphere and environmental narrative,” said Phillippe Ducharme, Senior Producer of Dead Space. “Our most important goal in remaking the game almost 15 years later is honoring the legacy of the original, while enhancing it with the power of today’s hardware. ​​If this is your first time stepping into Isaac’s suit, we hope it creates the same, lasting impression that it did for us when we played it in 2008. ​​If you are a returning player, our wish is to have delivered a game that lives up to your fondest memories, and that you’ll love picking up that Plasma Cutter once again.”