Embers Adrift Free Weekend

A free weekend is underway for Embers Adrift, allowing everyone a sample of this fantasy MMORPG for Windows and macOS (thanks Kapyong). This forum post has details on how to download the client, how to join a server, and a variety of special events intended to make new players feel welcome. Here's the previously released Official Game Trailer with a look. It's been a while since we've heard the "by gamers, for gamers" pitch, but that's part of this game's description:
Embers Adrift is a PvE MMORPG focused on group-based gameplay, exploration, and community. Inspired by experiences in tabletop games and early MMORPGs we aim to build a unique experience in today’s MMORPG market.

Come discover a new MMO world made by gamers, for gamers; a world filled with mystery and challenge that brings players together to forge great memories and new friendships. A place where you can give direct feedback to the devs and know they're listening. An MMO you can call home.