Oddballers Released

Duck! Ubisoft has launched Oddballers, a new party game based on the sometimes lighthearted, sometimes soul-crushing sport of dodgeball. This page has all the details on how to pick this up for all platforms, along with a cornpone-heavy Launch Trailer. Here's more on this chance to get in touch with your inner Patches O'Houlihan to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way to victory:
A dodgeball-inspired party game, OddBallers only has one rule: anything you can pick up, you can throw, from dodgeballs to turnips. Throw, dash, block, and push your way to victory in a variety of minigames, ranging from free-for-alls to team battles to boss fights. Each match consists of a random rotation of minigames, and the first player to get enough medals to earn a match point will win. However, beware mutator vote, which randomly pops up between rounds and allows you to choose a mutator that will add to or change the rules of the next game. Some of the mutators include disabling the ability to catch, awarding bonus points for eliminations, reducing hits a player can take to one, and many more.