Hello Engineer Demo

A playable demo is now available on Steam for Hello Engineer, the multiplayer engineering game set in the Hello Neighbor universe. This post has the news along with a new trailer. In Hello Engineer, players are tasked with MacGyvering their way out of an amusement park, something many stranded Disneyworld visitors have had to accomplish over the years. Here's more:
In order to escape you will need to build incredible (sometimes even weird) constructions made of suspicious scrap, and challenge the creepy Neighbor and his minions. Sharpen up on the basics & learn game mechanics, put together different machines to overcome the Neighbor’s challenges, and experience the beginning of a multi-act campaign.

Scavenge, craft, create new vehicles with almost unlimited resources in a sandbox mode. You will find the variety of details scattered around the Amusement Park such as wooden planks, metal pipes, scrawny wheels, and even dynamite to invent ingenious constructions that will help you to conquer the landscape and find the best route to thard-to-reach places. Don’t forget to invite the rest of the Neighborhood Rescue Squad to have even more fun!