V Rising Sales Continue to Rise

V Rising continues to sell well on Steam since launching into Early Access last May. Stunlock Studios now announces the vampire survival game has sold another million copies since it announced reaching two million sales by June:
Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios have announced today that V Rising, the open-world vampire survival game, continues to reach new heights as it hits the 3 Million sales milestone since its launch on Early Access! Players are flocking to the continent of Vardoran to get their gory thrills as they engage in the combat, world building and atmosphere of one of the most immersive vampiric experiences around. V Rising is currently sitting pretty with over 88% positive reviews from the 51,000+ available. Get your copy now on Steam!

“We’re delighted by the community’s response to V Rising and we are working hard to give back as much as possible. Their feedback and engagement has been invaluable, providing us with everything we need to continue improving and making sure we deliver on the expectations for our upcoming expansion of the game. We can’t wait for everyone to experience V Rising in all its glory.” said Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios.