Wantless Demo

Turn-based RPG Wantless is one of the many games participating in the Steam Next Fest February 2023 Edition, which gets underway a week from Monday on February 6th. But publisher Twin Sails Interactive and developer Drop Rate Studio are getting ahead of the curve, and a playable Windows demo for the game is now available on Steam, avoiding having to compete with hundreds of other demos for your attention. Wantless is expected to enter Early Access later this year. This post has details on the demo and hints on how to succeed for new players. Here's a new trailer and more details:
In Wantless, you play as Eiris, one of the last remaining Transposers - doctors who can delve into their patients' tortured minds to alleviate their torments, erase memories, or even consciousness itself.

Confront horrors made manifest, woes and sinister thoughts in this fast-paced and challenging Tactical RPG. Forge your skills, shape your build and engage in ruthless combat as you sail through a ghost metropolis and explore your patient stories in a series of runs.

You start your turn with 8 Action points but using one will also give it to each enemy. The more you act and the more your opponents will react! Thankfully, eliminating your foes also grants you action points, allowing for potentially devastating turns for you…or against you.