Hi-Fi RUSH Released

A surprise from today's Bethesda Softworks showcase is the announcement of Hi-Fi RUSH, an action game from Tango Gameworks where you beat your foes with rhythm. The surprise is this is available right now for PC, Xbox, and Game Pass, and you can pick up the Windows edition on Steam. The Official Launch Trailer catches us up with the "how we got here trope." Here's more:
Feel the beat as wannabe rockstar Chai and his ragtag team of allies rebel against an evil tech megacorp with raucous rhythm combat! From Tango Gameworks, the studio that brought you The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo (no, really) comes Hi-Fi RUSH, an all-new action game where the characters, world and combat stylishly sync to the music!

Labeled ‘defective’ after a shady corporate experiment mistakenly fuses a music player to his heart, Chai must now fight for his freedom in a slick animated world where everything – platforming puzzles, enemy attacks and even the colorful gags & banter - are synced to the beat.