GOG.com 2022 Recap

A post on GOG.com talks a look back at last year, discussing the games released over the course of 2022 on the store. They offer infographics detailing the 264+ petabytes of data the store served up and the over 137 million hours of gameplay this provided. Here's the big picture:
That’s right, when it comes to the arrivals on GOG we’ve released 684 games! And that’s not counting the various packs, bundles, special editions and DLCs. But we won’t stop there, with our love for games, we’ll try to push those numbers even higher!

As you can also see, the best-selling 2022 releases include Songs of Conquest, ELEX II and Old World (not a surprise here, all of them are excellent titles). With classic bestsellers The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition takes the cake alongside Alien: Isolation and The Wheel of Time. We are incredibly glad you’ve enjoyed them so much!