Forspoken and Demo Now Available

Square Enix announces the release of Forspoken, a new fantasy action/RPG for Windows and PlayStation. You can find the PC edition on the Epic Games Store, Steam, and the Xbox Store. As seen in our review roundup yesterday, reviews are mixed, and the game reportedly has performance issues, so the playable demo on Epic and Steam may come in handy. Also, according to GamingOnLinux, desktop Linux users must spoof being a Steam Deck to play. Here's the Cinematic Trailer and here's word on the game and the demo:
Today, Square Enix® announced that the much-anticipated, debut title from studio Luminous Productions, Forspoken, is now available globally on the PlayStation®5 (PS5™) console and PC via STEAM®, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store. In this story-driven action-RPG, players will become extraordinary while utilizing magic-enhanced parkour and wielding a vast array of powerful spells and abilities in order to save the lands of Athia.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions also released a free playable PC demo (via STEAM®, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store) today. In the PC demo, players will face-off with a variety of enemies and test their fighting abilities with an extensive arsenal of attack and support magic that will prepare them for the high-octane action they can expect to encounter in the full game.

Forspoken puts players in the shoes of Frey Holland, an ordinary young woman who has been mysteriously transported to Athia, a fantastical land that is devastated by an unknown force known as the Break. Having somehow survived this strange phenomenon and armed with a magical sentient bracelet called ‘Cuff’, Frey now offers Athia a last beacon of hope and must harness her newfound magical abilities to save Athia and find her way home.