Empire of the Ants Announced

Publisher Microids and developer Tower Fire announce Empire of the Ants, a strategy game expected to march out next year for PC and consoles. Microids released a real-time strategy game of the same name in 2001, but the announcement does not mention this. But there is a reassurance the game is based on a bestselling book series, so it's unconnected to the genuinely terrible movie of the same name based on an H.G. Wells short story. It's said to feature photorealistic Unreal Engine 5 graphics, and while there's no video yet, there are screenshots on Steam. Rather than focusing on the ant colony strength of socialization, this game takes the human-centric lone hero approach: "Play as the Ant Savior, whose mission is to lead its 'people' and rebuild a home, protect them, make them prosper and conquer new territories through different seasons." Here's more:
Based on Bernard Werber’s best-seller, Empire of the Ants will offer a strategic experience close to the iconic books series.

Experience immersive adventures and defend your lands through tactical and strategic battles in a microscopic world of epic proportions.

Exploration, strategy, combat skills, but most of all, the local wildlife alliance will be necessary in order to emerge victorious from the many challenges that await you.