WHALIEN - Unexpected Guests Released

Unexpected guests have arrived, as WHALIEN - Unexpected Guests is now available on Steam, offering an adventure game from Austrian developer Forbidden Folds. This puts you in the role of Ernest Hemingwhale, the lone remaining resident of a mechanical whale (no word on whether you own or rent). Here's an Announcement Trailer, and here's more on the importance of being earnest:
Players take on the role of Ernest Hemingwhale, the sole remaining inhabitant of Fin, the mechanical whale. Fin is not only Ernest’s home but also his close friend. When mysterious and dangerous Squiddies begin taking over Fin’s body, he doesn’t hesitate to take down the slimy threats. The origin of the mischievous little beings is not the only secret to discover. The mechanical whale is filled with little details and even more unexpected guests, the Springpeople. Whatever they are up to remains to be seen.

Ernest must use both his wits and special gloves and pearls - appropriately named Mr. Push and Mrs. Pull - to manipulate objects in the environment, solve puzzles, and send the Squiddies packing. Through unique, vibrant, and colorful environments, players delve deep into the inner workings of Fin, meet loveable characters, and help protect not only Ernest’s home but also his friend.