Farworld Pioneers Demo

Another base-builder revealed today is Farworld Pioneers, a 2D side-scrolling action/adventure for Windows. This bears a resemblance to Terraria, which you can see in the previously released Official Announcement Trailer. There's also now a chance to experience this firsthand in a new playable demo on Steam. Here's word on the demo: "Try to survive the harsh alien conditions all by your lonesome or join up with a crew in the multiplayer mode. The world is yours to explore!" Here's more on the game:
Farworlder, you have travelled wearily from some far-flung corner of the galaxy, across countless light years through the black expanse of space; now you find yourself crash-landed, your ship torn apart, your body cold, your stomach hungry, and your eyes searching for your destiny. From these desperate beginnings, an open-ended sandbox awaits.

This isn’t Earth. You’ll battle changing weather conditions while trying to establish your new life. You may even have to go underground to escape blizzards, radiation storms, and more in randomly generated worlds!