Hellboy Web of Wyrd Announced

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics announce Hellboy Web of Wyrd, an upcoming roguelite action/adventure for PC and consoles based on the demonic comic book character. This boasts an additional air of authenticity, as it will include the participation of Mike Mignola, who created the character. The official website is online, as is the game's Steam Listing. Here's the Reveal Trailer with a first look, and here are a handful of details:
Hellboy Web of Wyrd is coming! It has a new, original story created in partnership with Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics. Discover how Hellboy and the BPRD uncover the ancient secrets of the mysterious Butterfly House and join his adventures in the perilous Wyrd. Battle powerful creatures in search of forgotten godforms, magnificent treasures, and forbidden secrets.

"We are extremely excited by this amazing new Hellboy game developed by Good Shepherd Entertainment,” said Mike Richardson, CEO of Dark Horse Media. “Mike Mignola has created a hero and world unique in comics, and this game gives fans a new way to share in his supernatural adventures.”